Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Dogs and Babies are Alike

After being a mother for almost a year and a dog owner for a little over a year, I've had plenty of experience to compare the two responsibilities, Mother vs. Pet Parent. While I thoroughly enjoy one of these two responsibilities (I'll let you guess which one...), I've come to the conclusion that they are similar in some ways. I give you the following examples....

  • Both babies and dogs follow you around everywhere...even to the bathroom.
  • Both babies and dogs make BIG stinks...
  • Balls are a favorite of babies and dogs....and apparently dads...
  • Babies and dogs are both obsessed with and slightly scared of the vacuum.
  • Babies and dogs both love dog food.
  • Slobbery kisses are in abundance with both babies and dogs.
  • Babies and dogs like to chew on/destroy stuff... Like halloween costumes or $500.00 polar ice machines used to wrap around your knee after you had surgery.....(I'll let you figure out who did what....)Babies and dogs are BOTH loved by JJ. (The same cannot be said of me, I would throw myself in front of a bus for one and..well...notsomuch for the other...)
  • Both babies and dogs have some pretty cool tricks, including "Shake", "Sit", "Patty Cake", "Wave bye bye". (Again, I will let you guess who does what...)
  • The floors are kept clean by babies and dogs, they eat whatever random edible and unedible objects they find on the floor.
  • Babies and dogs love to be outside and cry when you take them inside. (I'm going for the frazzledMother look here....and pulling it off tremendously, might I add.)
  • Toilets are a great novelty to both babies and dogs. Can't seem to keep their noses or grubby hands out of them....
  • You will never feel so loved as in the mornings with both babies and dogs. They are SO excited to see you. "Hey! Its you again! I haven't seen you all night!"
Now I'm no expert on babies and dogs, I've only had both for about a year, so take my observations with a grain of salt. Who knows what similarities I'll find with another year's experience....

Nat & Me