Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sane and Happy

Where in the world have we been? I could go on and on about how busy we are but really, whose life isn't busy? So rather than make excuses, blah, blah, blah, I'm going to show you what's keeping us sane and happy these days...Introducing the B-meister to Temple Square...Nothing makes me happier than my little family.
Eating some grass here and there. Hey if it makes you happy kid...Celebrating three whole years! Can you believe it? Me neither, I thought for sure, he would have kicked me to the curb by now....Go figure. Who knew this kid would make me so happy?Dad getting the little man ready for church. Nothin says happy like a mohawk for church.We just can't seem to leave Sadie's food alone. Its just so darn tasty! (Look at his mouth, pretty sure he has a kibble or two in there.) Yep, dog food certainly brings happiness in our house.Hanging out with "Team Grandpa" and the official "Team Grandpa" Mascot....Grandpa. We're so happy we made the cut to be on this team.Crazy ol flowers popping up like they think its spring or something. Certainly makes me happy.Doing manly stuff like biting each our manly hats....Brings happiness, for sure.Yep, we're pretty darn happy. (Cept for JJ, he's notsohappy in this picture...I guess he's onhisdeathbedcuzhefeelssosick in a happy sort of way....)

Nat & Me